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Explosives Stolen from CSX Train

Rich Gent - Friday, April 22, 2016

Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I knew this was going to happen and it did.  500 pounds of "fireworks grade" explosives stolen from a freight train.  What is really weird is that this happened two days ago and I just found out about it today, 4.22.16.  I'll keep listening to see if this does anything to get rail security moving forward or we will, like normal, do some short term fixes and the go back to normal.  I would like to applaud two railroads who recently had me talk about terrorism and railroads to their employees, that is the Northern Plains Railroad and Red River Valley and Western Railroad.  They, at least, had the foresight to train their people to look at things differently.  More to follow.   Read Entire Article Here

Guess who's looking now

Rich Gent - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was surfing on the web about the recent CSX oil tank train derailment in West Virginia.  I saw the normal news media, Fox, ABC, etc., but what I saw next shocked me.  Al Jazeera America, the Arabic language news media which is partly funded by the ruling family of Qatar was covering the story.  The news story basically had the same coverage as the U.S. news with pictures of the derailment and all the associated fireballs.  Now I'm wondering who in the Arabic world is looking at the conflagration and thinking outside the box and how rail could be used to further their cause through media coverage.  Just thinking who's looking at this.   Read Entire Article Here

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