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Senator Gets It

Guest Post - Friday, December 09, 2011

Last month, as a result of an investigation by KOMO news out of Seattle, Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wa, asked the head of TSA what was going on with locomotives left unlocked and in some cases having the "reverser" sitting on the locomotive counsel on rail sidings. Mr. Pistole, TSA, said his organization and the FRA would look into it.

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We Told You So

Guest Post - Friday, May 06, 2011

Well, seems as if what we at Hot Rail LLC have been saying for a while has come true. It has now been confirmed that the U.S. rails were/are going to be a target for terrorists. Intelligence from the recent raid at bin Laden’s residence revealed a planned attack on the U.S. rail system. Based on information from the news the plan, to derail a train on a bridge, was in the intial stages of planning.

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